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What can I do if my printer can’t be created?

Complete the following steps on the command line of the View session:

  • Change either – under Horizon View 5 – to the directory %programfiles%\VMware\VMware Tools
    or –  under Horizon 6 – to %programfiles%\common files\thinprint
  • Execute TPAutoConnect.exe -d (ends the current AutoConnect instance of the user)
  • Execute TPAutoConnect.exe -v (create a printer in verbose mode)

An error message should appear in the output with a description of the problem.

If the manual creation of the printer with AutoConnect from the command line is successful, check that the following timeout values are set in the Windows registry and, if not, set them:

  • on a virtual desktop in: hkey_local_machine\software\ThinPrint\TPAutoConnect

TimeOutClientExecution [dword] “150000” (decimal)

TimeOutVirtualChannelRead [dword] “130” (decimal)

ListenToWTSTrys [dword] “450” (decimal)

ListenToWTSTryDelay [dword] “2000” (decimal)

  • on a Windows Client:

PropertyRequestTimeout [dword] “120” (decimal)

On 64-bit operating systems in: hkey_local_machine\software\Wow6432Node\ThinPrint\Client

On 32-bit operating systems in: hkey_local_machine\software\ThinPrint\Client

  • Restart the TP AutoConnect Service in the View session, and, if necessary, also on the virtual machine and the View Client.

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