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Renewal of license subscription

Automatic renewal


System requirements

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service


Manual renewal

Automatic renewal

Since 2020 our licenses are only available as a subscription which add importance to the maintenance of your ThinPrint licenses. If you don't add the latest subscription key to your ThinPrint License Server the ThinPrint software stops working until a valid subscription key is added to the license key or a new license key is added. Anyone who wants to better understand license key structure can read that here.

You can download the subscription keys automatically from and have them installed in ThinPrint License Server's Licence Manager. For this purpose, the Licence Server requires an additional component: the ThinPrint License Update Service, the installation of which is described below.


The ThinPrint License Update Service sends requests to the server component in the cloud (, retrieves the latest subscription key matching a valid registered and activated license key and adds it to this license key.

System requirements

Note: The ThinPrint License Update Service must be able to establish an encrypted Internet connection via TCP port 443 to its server component

Supported operating systems
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
Supported License Server versions
  • ThinPrint License Server 12
  • ThinPrint License Server 11

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service: installer file

  • Confirm the Welcome window with Next.

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service: Welcome window

  • Read and accept the license agreement. Continue with Next.

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service: EULA

  • Confirm the installation path with Next, or choose another one with Change.

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service: installation path

  • Specify an account with local admin permissions (or the local system or computer account) that is allowed to run Scheduled Tasks. Confirm with Next.

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service: local admin permissions

  • Close the message about the successful installation with Finish.

Installing the ThinPrint License Update Service: successful installation

You will then find the installed components in the Task Scheduler:

  • ThinPrint ‒ Create and Push License Report
  • ThinPrint ‒ Sync Licenses

The installed task will contact the server component once a week to check whether new subscription keys are available and download and install them. You do not need to configure anything for this.

The installed task will contact the server component once a week


  • A problem might occur if you install the License Update Service at a time that is close to the renewal date, but there are no new subscription keys yet.
    The License Update Service performs a scheduled task. The first run occurs immediately after installation, and the next run occurs after 7 days.
    During the first run, subscription keys may not yet be available if the ThinPrint team has not yet generated them. During the next run after 7 days, the license may have already expired, so your users will not be able to print.
    You can work around this problem by manually running the scheduled task again a few days after installation ‒ sometime before the license expires.
    If your users are already unable to print, you can restart the task ThinPrint - Sync Licenses with Run in the context menu of the Task Scheduler (see screenshot above).
    Of course, the old way is also possible: enter the subscription key manually in the Enterprise Portal (see below).

Manual renewal

If you do not (want to) use the automatic renewal described above, you will receive a renewal offer via our sales channel approximately 2 months before your licenses expire. In case you agreed to the renewal of your licenses you will receive a subscription key for every ThinPrint license key involved in the offer in our enterprise portal. That subscription key(s) you have to add to your License Manager at the ThinPrint License Server. Please follow the step-by-step manual below to do so:

Go to and log in. Afterward, copy the subscription key(s).

  • Connect to your ThinPrint License Server now and open the ThinPrint License Manager.

ThinPrint License Manager in Windows Start menu

  • Go to Localhost and afterward right click on the license key to choose Add Subscription Key.

Adding ThinPrint Subscription Key

  • Paste the subscription key into the dialogue that pops up and agree with OK.
    The duration of your subscription should be extended now. You may need to refresh the view using the button F5 to see the difference.

duration of a ThinPrint subscription

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