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How are the AutoConnect tables updated?

As with the old AutoConnect GPOs, the general GPO settings can only be updated using the MMC on a domain member server(1.). This is true as well for the configuration of the path to the database file TPACGlobal.db. Unlike the old GPOs, with the new GPOs the settings for Groups, Dynamic Printer Matrix, Map Additional Printers and High Availability are applied directly to TPACGlobal.db, which can be done from the said domain member server.

In other words: There is exactly one location for the database TPACGlobal.db. The administrator can edit the AutoConnect tables Map Additional Printers and Dynamic Printer Matrix using both the GPOs AND the ThinPrint Engine config­uration console.

1. You can configure the group policies from any server that is a member of the domain and on which the server role ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN SERVICES (AD DS) and the feature GROUP POLICY MANAGEMENT are installed.?

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