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Enabling Single-Sign-On for the JobViewer website

Editing the JSON file

IIS configuration

To make access to our Personal Printing JobViewer, even more, easier you can enable the Single-Sign-On-Feature on the Personal Printing server. This manual shows you step-by-step how you can do that.

Editing the JSON file

  • Connect to your Personal Printing server and open the file directory C:\ProgramData\ThinPrint\PPRest\V1\Personal Printing: JSON file for Single-Sign-On for the JobViewer website
  • Open the configuration.json file with a text editor of your choice.
  • Search for the parameter SingleSignOn.

Personal Printing JobViewer: JSON file

  • Set the value of SingleSignOn from disabled to enabled and save the document.
  • To apply the changes please restart the IIS.

IIS configuration

  • Open the Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager on your Personal Printing server.
  • Search for JobViewer in the navigation on the left-hand side and click on it.

The location of the JobViewer site may differ whether you updated from an older Personal Printing version or did a new installation. If you updated Personal Printing the JobViewer-site is located under Default Web Site.

Personal Printing IIS settings

  • Double-Click on Authentication in the center frame.

Personal Printing IIS settings: Authentication

  • Afterward, double-click on Windows Authentication and set the value to Enable.
  • To apply the changes restart the IIS.

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