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ThinPrint Engine GPO

  • After installing the group policies, open Group Policy Management and set up a new group policy object for ThinPrint.
  • Under Administrative Templates→ ThinPrint→ ThinPrint Engine, you will now find all the group policies with which to centrally con­figure the most important global settings for ThinPrint Engines.

group policies for the ThinPrint Engine

In the following table you can find, for each group policy, its counterpart in the MMC and/or the respective Registry value.

Group policyCorresponding menu item and/or Registry value
Specify License Server addressServer address
[Registry value LicenseServer]
Specify URL for Management Console of License ServerEdit
[Registry value LicenseServerMngntURL]
Specify License Server TCP portTCP port
[Registry value LicenseServerPort]
Set ThinShare as defaultSet ThinShare as default for new Output Gateway printers
[Registry value ThinShare]

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