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Changing the language of the print dialogue

The print dialog is displayed for the users in the language that was chosen during the installation of Personal Printing (English or German). This is set using the Windows registry value:


With Windows multi-language packs this print dialog can be displayed in the display language of the respective user. To do so, the registry value Lang is to be changed from enu, deu, fra or esn to def. This single setting is sufficient if, for instance, each terminal server user is to be shown the Output Gateway print dialogue in the same language as her or his Windows desktop.
If, however, individual users are to be assigned a different language, the following value must be set – within the sessions – to one of the Language abbreviations in the table below:


Chinese, traditional (CHT)Greek (ELL)Portuguese (PTG)
Chinese, simplified (CHS)Hungarian (HUN)Russian (RUS)
Czech (CSY)Italian (ITA)Spanish (ESN)
English, United States (ENU)Japanese (JPN)Swedish (SVE)
French (FRA)Korean (KOR)Thai (THA)
German (DEU)Polish (PLK) 

ThinPrint Output Gateway’s localization (examples for JPN and ELL)

ThinPrint Output Gateway’s localization (examples for JPN and ELL)

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