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Installing ThinPrint Client Windows

Technical requirements

Installing the ThinPrint Client

Technical requirements

ThinPrint Client Windows can be installed onto the following systems:

  • Windows 11, 10
  • Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2

Note! In case the print protocol ICA is to be used, please install the Citrix Receiver before the ThinPrint Client. Make sure that both the Citrix Receiver and the ThinPrint Client are installed with the same permissions, i. e. the same user account – e. g. both as administrator. The ThinPrint Client can also be installed without administrator permissions, in which case only the user with whose account the Client was installed will be able to print with ThinPrint.

For older operating systems older versions of ThinPrint Client Windows can be used.

For the unattended installation see Unattended installation of ThinPrint Client Windows.  The following describes the attended installation.

Installing the ThinPrint Client

  • To install the ThinPrint Client as a Windows service log in with administrator privileges.
  • Download of ThinPrint Client at ThinPrint Clients & Tools. Start Setup file or the relevant .msi file (can be extracted from this using setup.exe /a on the Command Prompt.

ThinPrint Client Windows installation: running the Setup program

  • Select the language for your installation: English, French, German or Spanish.
  • InstallShield Wizard opens. Click Next.
  • Read the license agreement and accept its terms with Next.
  • On local print servers, select TCP/IP as the protocol for printing on workstations it depends on the print environment. Additionally, the chosen pro­tocol needs to be specified in ThinPrint Engine.

ThinPrint Client Windows installation: selecting the print protocol

  • With Space you can verify if your hard disc space is sufficient for the installation of this software.
  • If you chose TCP/IP as print protocol: On workstations, select ... as an applica­tion. On local print servers, ThinPrint Client is installed as a Windows service; for this purpose enter a user account or select Local System (default).

ThinPrint Client Windows installation: installing the TCP/IP client as an application or a service

  • Decide whether all users of the workstation should use the ThinPrint Client or only you as the administrator. The installation process starts immediately after that.

ThinPrint Client Windows installation: Decide whether all users of the workstation should use the ThinPrint Client or only the installing administrator

  • Following a successful installation you will see the screen with the message: “InstallShield Wizard Completed”. Click Finish.

ThinPrint Client Windows installation: finishing the installation

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