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Android app for Personal Printing

First, the users need to download the Personal Printing app in the Play Store and then proceed to configure it.

Alternatively, you can roll out the file PersonalPrinting.apk or PersonalPrint­ing-release.apk via e-mail to all Android users. To install the app, users need to open the e-mail attachment (.apk file) in the e-mail application of the Android device. Beforehand, ensure that Unknown Sources option is enabled on the device in Set­tings→ Applications.

installing Personal Printing app for Android

Afterwards, users need to configure the Personal Printing app. A configuration e-mail is created automatically during user configuration on the server, and sent to the mobile device. Open the e-mail application on the Android device and click on the e-mail attachment (.tpmpp file, see Personalize). Configuration of app is done auto­matically while opening .tpmpp file. After successful configuration, the Personal Printing app starts automatically. 

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