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Further installation options


Unattended installation

Uninstalling license server components


  • With an update installation of a ThinPrint version 10.0.2 or higher run the new setup routine on the exist­ing License Server – e. g., ThinPrintLicenseServer_x64.exe.

Unattended installation

  • Type ThinPrintLicenseServer_x64.exe /? in the command line, to see the list of parameters that can support unattended installation of the license server.
    We recommend the following parameters:
    s: hides the initializing dialog (silent)
    v: parameter for msiexec.exe

Example 1: The following command installs the license server silently.

ThinPrintLicenseServer_x64.exe /L1036 /s /v"/qb"

Example 2: Installs the license server silently and changes the INSTALLDIR property to "C:\Program Files\MyFolder".

ThinPrintLicenseServer_x64.exe /S /V"/qb INSTALL­DIR=\"C:\Program Files\MyFolder\""

Example 3: Installs the license server silently and creates a log file.

ThinPrintLicenseServer_x64.exe /S /V"/qb /L*v installa­tion.log""

Uninstalling license server components

  • To uninstall the license server, select Control Panel→ Programs and Features, highlight ThinPrint License Server (bottom arrow) and click on Uninstall in the context menu.
  • Do the same for AD LDS Instance ThinPrint-AD-LDS (top arrow).

Uninstalling ThinPrint license server components

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