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ThinPrint Client GPO

  • After installing the group policies, open Group Policy Management and set up a new group policy object for ThinPrint (as seen in AutoConnect GPO).
  • Under Administrative Templates→ ThinPrint→ ThinPrint Client you will now find all the group policies with which you can centrally configure all instances of ThinPrint Client Windows.

group policies for ThinPrint Client Windows

In the following table you can find, for each group policy, its counterpart in the MMC and/or the respective Registry value.

Group policyCorresponding menu item and/or Registry value
Restrict configuration to Administrators only[Registry value AdminOnly]
Configure bandwidthBandwidth [kbit/s (kbps)]
[Registry value Bandwidth]
Block sending printer propertiesEnable sending properties
[Registry value BlockProperties]
Specify certificate name[Registry value CertName]
Specify certificate store[Registry value CertStore]
Configure Connection Service TCP portTCP port
[Registry value ConnPort]
Configure Connection Service addressConnection server address
[Registry value ConnServer]
Configure connection retry interval for Connection ServiceConnection retry interval (s)
[Registry value ConnWait]
Default at serverDefault at server
[Registry value DefaultState]
Configure TCP portTCP port
[Registry value Port]
Disable GUI access[Registry value RestrictGUI]
Allow remote configuration of ThinPrint Client[Registry value RmtConf]
Specify current printerUse this printer
[Registry value SelectedPrinter]
Enable sending printer propertiesEnable sending properties
[Registry value SendProperties]
Inherit Windows default printerInherit system’s default printer
[Registry value UseWDefault]
Select client GUI language• up to ThinPrint version 11 only
• [Registry value Lang]

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