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Version information


Table of components

The  Version Information tab in the TPDU console displays all installed files from ThinPrint or Personal Printing components – categorized by component.

ThinPrint Diagnostic Utility (TPDU): version information


You can use the filter function to locate particular files or folders more quickly. 

ThinPrint Diagnostic Utility (TPDU): filtering components

Table of components

Table Column / Context menuDescription
Pathpath to ThinPrint or Personal Printing component
File Versionversion number of the ThinPrint or Personal Printing component

 timestamp to uniquely identify a file

 indicates when the corresponding file was generated

Open file location (context menu)opens the folder where the corresponding file is located
File→ Re-scan or F5information is rescanned

ThinPrint Diagnostic Utility (TPDU): Opening file location

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