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ThinPrint Engine and Tracking

To prepare the ThinPrint Engine for sending data of sent print jobs to the SQL server, you must make the following settings in the configuration for the ThinPrint Engine.

Note: For the installation procedure, please see Installation and configuration on print servers.

Preparing ThinPrint Engine and Tracking Service

1. Open configuration with Start→ (All) Programs→ ThinPrint Engine→ Con­figuration.

2. Mark the respective ThinPrint Engine node and select Edit Set­tings.

ThinPrint Engine configuration: selecting Tracking settings

3. Enter the following settings in the Tracking tab:

  • Enable Tracking
  • SQL server’s address and name
  • SQL server/Windows authentication: an account or the which has write per­missions for the installed database
  • Encryption settings if the data are to sent encrypted to the SQL server
  • Name of the Tracking database (in this example: tptrack1).

ThinPrint Engine configuration: enabling Tracking

The result is shown in the following screenshot.

ThinPrint Engine configuration: Tracking enabled

Tracking enabled

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