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Installing Personal Printing on the server

User account for installation

Installing Personal Printing

Entering Personal Printing license key(s)

During installation the following prerequisites will be installed, if they’re not already present:

  • Microsoft Windows Installer
  • ADAM instance from ThinPrint
  • License Manager
  • Personal Printing Setup and Support Files
  • Personal Printing

User account for installation

The server on which Personal Printing is installed, must be a member of a domain. For all stages of installation and configuration, you will need a normal domain user account with local administrator’s permissions:

  • To install and configure the software, set up a normal user account in the AD (Active Directory). We recommend that you name this PPservice.
  • Then give this account local administrator permissions on the Personal Printing server.

Installing Personal Printing

  • Log on to the Personal Printing server with the account described above.
  • Start the program Setup_ThinPrintPersonalPrinting_x64.exe.

 starting the Personal Printing installation program Setup.exe

  • Confirm the User Access Control.

Personal Printing installation: Windows security prompt

  • In the next window select a language if desired.

Personal Printing installation: selecting the language

  • The Setup.exe may still need to pre-install programs or components that are prerequisites for the actual installation. Click Install.

Personal Printing installation: installing prerequisites

  • You may be prompted to restart Windows.
  • After the restart, the installation program starts automatically. However, you must confirm the User Access Control again, select the language and confirm the above window by clicking on Install.
  • Then confirm the Welcome window of the actual installer by clicking Next.

Personal Printing installation: Welcome window

  • Read and accept the license agreement, and click Next to confirm.

End User License Agreement of Personal Printing

  • In the next dialog you can select the installation path with Change. Then click Next to confirm.

Personal Printing installation: selecting the installation path, if necessary

  • Personal Printing needs an account for accessing the print jobs. We recommend the AD account PPService used for installation (see above: User account for installa­tion).

Personal Printing installation: specifying an account to manage print jobs

  • Personal Printing provides a web console that can only be accessed in encrypted form – i. e. via https. To do this, you must either install your own web server certificate (and specify the password for the key it contains) or – for now – have the installation routine generate a self-signed certificate. Continue with Next.

specifying a web server certificate to access the Personal Printing server

  • Select the components to be installed: Personal Printing and, if applicable, the client software for HP and/or Xerox printers.

selecting the Personal Printing components to be installed

  • In the next dialog, click Install to start the actual installation process. This may take a few minutes.

Personal Printing installation: starting the actual installation

  • If you receive the following error message during the installation, simply repeat the installation.
    The installation will then run through on the second attempt.

If you receive the following error message during the Personal Printing installation, simply repeat the installation

  • The following prompt appears only if there are no valid license keys installed on the server yet.
    If you have already received license keys from your supplier or from ThinPrint GmbH, select Enter license key(s) now.
    Otherwise, select Evaluation mode. Confirm with Finish.

selecting the Personal Printing licensing mode

Entering Personal Printing license key(s)

  • If you've selected Enter license key(s), then a new menu will open. Copy your license keys into the white field (in the left screenshot) and click on Install License(s).
    Thereupon, one of the red circles with an exclamation mark will change to a green circle with a checkmark (in the right screenshot). Click OK to confirm.

Personal Printing installation: entering license keys: Copy into the white field and click on Install License(s)

Note! After you enter it, a license key will be valid for 30 days without being activated. For an overview of your licenses and for entering further license keys see Licensing.

After successful installation, you will find the Personal Printing console and – if applicable – the client software for HP and/or Xerox printers in the Start menu.

Personal Printing in the Start menu

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