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Non-binding service offers

License service periods and their runtime

Searching with fil­ters

License service periods and their runtime

The Enterprise Portal is ideally suited for monitoring license service periods and, where applicable, their runtime (ALM - Annual License Model). This overview is generally available in all views.

  • With a click on the column header (Service Runtime), the service times will be quickly and simply sorted chronologically, by expiry date. Thus you can quickly identify for which licenses the service or the runtime needs to be extended in the near future.

Cortado Enterprise Portal (CEP): importing ThinPrint registration and activation keys

importing ThinPrint registration and activation keys

Searching with fil­ters

  • For specific searches, you can use the filter function, as per the description below. This not only simplifies searching for individual license keys, but makes it possible to specify time periods to search for licenses for which service or runtime will expire wit­hin a defined period.
    The Illustration below shows how one can, for example, filter for license keys with a service or runtime that ends between 2013-05-01 and 2013-06-30.

Cortado Enterprise Portal (CEP): filtering for Service Runtime

filtering for Service Runtime

  • In all views, the feature Request activation for selected license(s) can be used to obtain offers for service or for runtime extensions. To do so, simply mark in the left column, the checkbox of a license for which you want to extend the service or runtime. Then click on the Actions button as mentioned.

Cortado Enterprise Portal (CEP): requesting an offer for service or runtime extension

requesting an offer for service or runtime extension

  • A window with a text field opens. Here you can add additional requests for this offer. The normal extension period for a service offer is one year. If you would like to receive, e.g. an offer for a longer extension period, or information about run­time synchronization, please type your request in the text field. Click on Send, and you will shortly receive a non-binding offer.

Cortado Enterprise Portal (CEP): text field for additional requests

text field for additional requests

When requesting offers, please note:

  • offers for service and runtime extensions can be made at any time. It is recom­mended that offers be sought two months before expiry.
  • you are requesting a non-binding offer only, not placing an order. You will then be sent an offer by e-mail. You can decide at your leisure whether to accept the offer.
  • it is not necessary to click on all licenses for which you require an offer. It is sufficient to select only one license to request an offer. You will receive an offer from us that covers all licenses in the environment.
  • note to resellers and distributors: Offers can only be requested per customer. It is not possible to request offers if the licenses of multiple customers are selected simultaneously.

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