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How-To print using a ThinPrint Hub


Let's get started


  • Native printer driver
  • ThinPrint Engine installed on the server
  • ThinPrint Hub with configured printers

Let's get started

  1. Create a ThinPrint Port using the ThinPrint Configuration on the server you want the printer to be installed (e.g. your print server). Normally you don’t have to change the configuration of the port except the TCP port 4000 of the server is blocked from another program.
  2. Open Microsoft print management and go on like you want to add a normal printer to your server and run the Add Printer wizard.
  3. Choose Add a new printer using an existing port: and choose your created ThinPrint Port.
  4. In the next step choose or install a printer driver.
  5. Now you have to add the printer name and here comes the trick. We need the IP address of the ThinPrint Hub as well as the printer ID of the printer configured on the ThinPrint Hub in the printer name.

TP Hub printer ID

The printer name should look like the example below.

HP Berlin First Floor#

If you need more information take a look into the ThinPrint Hub manual.

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