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Tracking data

SQL server management tools

In addition to the ThinPrint Tracking Report Engine, you can also use management tools for directly accessing the SQL database, such as Microsoft SQL Server Manage­ment Studio Express. This has the advantage that you can both create a database and analyze all data stored in the database.

ThinPrint Tracking: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

Tracking data

If printer drivers and applications in use on the source computer provide certain val­ues and the specific version of ThinPrint Engine (or Personal Printing) also supports them, the following information can be sent with each print job to the ThinPrint Tracking Service, which will write it to the SQL database:

Value in the databaseMeaningSupported by Output Gateway
MachineNameIP address of the source computer (e. g.,
DriverNameprinter driver ID 
DestNamehost name of the target computer (e. g., client-22)
ServerNamehost name of the source computer (e. g., server-03)
PrinterNamename of the printer on the source computer (e. g., HP LaserJet 4#client-22:6)
IDID in the SQL database 
UserNamename of the person who printed (= Account)
Orientationpaper orientation (portrait or landscape)
PaperSizepaper format (e. g., A4, Letter, Executive)
PaperLengthpaper length (cm)For user defined paper formats, otherwise value = 0
PaperWidthpaper width (cm) 
Copiesnumber of copies
DefaultSourcedefault paper source
PrintQualityprintout quality (maximum value of XRes and YRes; e. g., 600 dpi) or quality level (e. g., fine)
Colorcolor or grayscale (b/w)
Duplexdouble-sided or single-sided (duplex or simplex)
XReshorizontal resolution (dpi) 
YResvertical resolution (dpi) 
TTOptionTrueType fonts embedded in the file as bitmap, as soft font, or outline or information about what printer font is to be replaced sent to the printer
dmCollatesorting option; e. g. print longer documents consecutivelyabhängig von der Anwendung
FormNamename of the paper format
JobIDprint job ID


1 = Print job delivered

2 = Successfully printed

3 = Print job canceled

PagesNumber of printed pages
TStamptime of print job (start of communication between ThinPrint Engine and ThinPrint Tracking Service)
Durationtime (in ms) between start of sending a print job by the Thin­Print Engine (= TStamp) and end of transmission
DevModedevice mode Data as blob (binary large object) 

format of print data

values: m = EMF; r = RAW

JobSizeprint job size (uncompressed) in Byte
JobTSizeprint job size (compressed) in Byte
CompressionRatecomputed by dividing JobTSize by JobSize (with ThinPrint Engine only)
DocumentNamename of the document


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