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Authentication with printers • Overview

Hardware requirements

Configuring server and users

Hardware requirements

  • Server for the installation of Personal Printing
  • Printer with embedded Personal Printing Client. See below:
    Configuring HP and Xerox printers
    Configuring Konica Minolta printers (coming soon)
    Configuring Lexmark printers
    Configuring Samsung printers
  • external card reader (if not already embedded in the printer)
  • NFC cards or tokens (e. g. Mifare)

– Connect all the devices as shown in the scenario. In particular, connect:

  • the printer to the network
  • a card reader via USB with the printer (optional); to do this, please note the manual of the card reader manufacturer.

Personal Printing: authentication with NFC card or token on Lexmark printer

authentication with NFC card or token on Lexmark printer

Configuring server and users

– Proceed as described in the sections Setting up target printers and Default user PIN and authentication methods.

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