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Configuring Personal Printing server

Print Job Storage


Access account and password

Maximum print job storage time

  • In the Start menu, open the Personal Printing console.

Personal Printing in the Windows Start menu

This opens the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) where you can make the set­tings described in the next section.

Personal Printing Configuration Console

For settings, go to Edit Settings. A window opens with the following tabs:

Print Job Storage

The print jobs of the users are not immediately printed, but buffered in a directory until they are picked up by authorization on the printer. This storage can also be a network drive.

Personal Printing: print job storage

  • In the Print Job Storage tab you can select the directory in which users’ print jobs will be saved. You also have to specify an account which is used by the Personal Printing software to store or read the users’ print jobs in this folder and its subfolders.
  • You can also store your print jobs on any other server – assuming that this server is a domain member (= AD member). This directory has to be shared on this server. Additionally a domain user has to be assigned which has full control of this directory (we recommend the use of said PPservice account).

Personal Printing: settings of print job storage


  • Specify a root directory for Personal Printing print jobs. Subfolders for each user will be created automatically in this directory. Use for connected drives the fol­lowing denomination: For connected drives use the following syntax:

and for directories on another server the following UNC path:


Caution! If you change the path to the print job folder later on, only the new users, who were enabled for Personal Printing after the change, can print in this folder. All the print jobs of users enabled before the change are still saved in the old folder. Therefore, do not delete the old folder.

You can encrypt the directory in which the print jobs are stored. See the section Stor­ing print jobs encrypted.

Access account and password

  • Specify an account (UPN and password), that has access to the folder with the print jobs. This account requires local administrator per­missions and should be a domain user. We recommend you use the account that you created earlier (see ADAM Service Account), here: PPservice.
    Note: If you change the access account later, it is best to delete the contents of the Personal Printing Jobs folder beforehand. This means that you will lose jobs that haven't been printed yet, however all new jobs triggered from then on will print via the new account.

Maximum print job storage time

  • Print jobs remain in users’ folders until collected at the printer or deleted using JobViewer. To prevent that this data takes up too much space on the hard disk, you can specify a period after which they will be deleted (in minutes). The default value is 0 (zero); this means that print jobs are never deleted.
    If the maximum print job storage time limit for a specific print job has expired, then Personal Printing will delete it the next time the user authenticates at one of the printers.
  • To enable the maximum print job storage time restart the IIS Admin Service (e. g. with iisrest on the command line).

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