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Getting started with ScriptRunner

Technical requirements


Getting started

Technical requirements


Getting started

  • Go to the website of your ScriptRunner Server http://<scriptrunner>/scriptrunner/admin
  • Please use an admin user who is a member of the security group you entered during the installation of ScriptRunner for ThinPrint.
  • Click on Credentials on the left side of the website.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: selecting Credentials

  • Enter an account that is a local administrator on your ThinPrint print servers as well as on the ScriptRunner server. Apply your changes by clicking on OK.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: Credentials

  • Go to Queries next. You’ll find that on the left side again.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: selecting Queries

  • Select the query ThinPrint Servers and click on Edit.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: Queries

  • Afterward, enter your print servers' FQDNs and the display names which will be used in the forms.
  • Next, click on Actions.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: selecting Actions

  • Select 01_Create new printer(s) and click on Edit afterward.
  • In that form, you have to change at least the variables $ServerName and $TemplateServer. Please use the FQDN of the machines.

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: changing the variable $ServerName

ScriptRunner for ThinPrint: changing the variable $TemplateServer

Note: If you don’t want to use printer templates at all, just delete the placeholder in the $TemplateServer variable. If not, you will get a timeout error message every time you run the action „Create new printer(s)“.
  • Doublecheck everything and click on OK to apply your changes.
  • You have to change the variable $ServerName in the following actions, too:
    • 02_Enable V-Layer
    • 03_Disable V-Layer
    • 04_Remove-Printer(s)
    • 05_Create new ThinPrint Port(s)
    • 06_Install new driver
    • 07_Create printers via CSV file

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