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Management Services scenario

  • Start with deciding which component is to be installed on which machine.
  • For a proof-of-concept the three components Tpms.Powershell, Tpms.Service and Tpms.Agent can be installed on a single machine.
  • If only one central print server is used it also makes sense to install ThinPrint Engine and Tpms.Service on the same machine.
  • Install Tpms.Powershell on the admin computer/s.
  • Install Tpms.Agent on the machines where printers, ports and drivers are to be created: print servers and/or workstations.
  • Optionally, ThinPrint Engine can be installed on the print servers in the data center.
  • Optionally, ThinPrint Client can be installed on print servers in branch offices or on workstations (to receive print jobs from ThinPrint Engine or to retrieve printer information using Management Services).
  • Tpms.Powershell, Tpms.Service and ThinPrint Engine must be installed on computers in the same domain as the license server, or in a trusted or subdomain.
  • Without ThinPrint Engine, the computers on which the Tpms.Agent runs may also belong to another, untrusted domain. However, any domain membership is required for the Tpms.Agent in any case.

ThinPrint Management Services: components

  • Please also note the Requirements section.
  • Before beginning installation, we recommend closing all windows and applications and deactivating any virus scanner.

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