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Installing the Tracking Report Engine on a webserver

To use ThinPrint Tracking, please install the Tracking Report Engine on the webserver by following the steps below.

Note: Please make sure that the following Windows components are installed and started:
  • Under .Net Framework, create the following value in the Windows Registry and set it to 1.

EnableIEHosting [reg_dword]


Or in:


  • Copy Setup.exe of Tracking Report Engine onto the web server and open it. 
  • Select the desired language and confirm with OK. InstallShield Wizard will open.
  • Select the database server on which Tracking Database has been installed. Then select the same authentication mode which you have selected during Tracking database installation, here: SQL Server authentication. Finally, indicate the data­base which has been created by Tracking database installer, in this example: tptrack1. Confirm with Next.

ThinPrint Tracking Report Engine: selecting database and authentication mode

  • Here, select the authentication mode with which Tracking Report Engine estab­lishes a connection to Tracking Database. Confirm with Next and close Install­Shield Wizard with Finish.

ThinPrint Tracking Report Engine: selecting authentication mode

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