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Storing print jobs encrypted

Encrypting foldes


Encrypting foldes

In general, folders in Windows Explorer can be encrypted. So can the print job folder, including subfolders, in which Personal Printing print jobs are stored. For encryption, you will need certificates that are automatically created by Windows (see Certifi­cates below).

  • Mark the print job folder. The relevant path is shown in Personal Printing con­figuration→ Directory→ Print Job Storage, here:
    C:\\Personal Print­ing Jobs
  • Highlight the folder and select Properties in context menu.
  • In General tab, click on Advanced.

  • Place a checkmark in Encrypt contents to secure data.

  • In the next step, include encryption of subfolders by also applying these settings to subfolders.
  • Then, the encrypted folder with subfolders are shown in another color, if this setting is enabled.
    (Open in Windows Explorer the menu Tools→ Folder Options→ View tab. Place a checkmark at Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color.)

folder encryption successfully (colored folder, here: green)

If encryption fails, ensure that the recovery certificate of the administrator (automat­ically created by Windows) is still up to date. It must not be older than three years.


While encrypting a folder, a certificate is created automatically for the account that is currently logged in. Here, it is the PPservice account, as an example (see User account for installation).
This certificate can be saved by an export. Read the appropriate Windows docu­mentation, if necessary.
If the account settings for the above mentioned user get lost, you can rely on a recovery agent, to decrypt print data in case of emergency. Per default, the domain administrator account is set as recovery agent. But it is possible to set another account. For details, refer to Windows documentation.


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