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Print data encryption (ThinPrint Client Linux)


Setting up encryption for ThinPrint


Certificates generated by a Windows certificate server are required.

Setting up encryption for ThinPrint

  • From your Windows certificate server, export a client certificate that uses the PFX file format and has password security and copy it to the Linux machine.
  • On the Linux machine, convert the PFX file to the PEM format as follows:
openssl pkcs12 -in [-passin pass:xxxxx] -out [-passout pass:yyyyy]

Here, the following parameters are used:

-inname of the .pfx file to be converted
-passinpassword of the .pfx file’s private key
-outname of the .pem file to be created
-passoutnew password for the private key in the .pem file

Example 1 (with entering passwords manually):

openssl pkcs12 -in keyStore.pfx -out keyStore.pem

Setting up encryption for ThinPrint Client Linux: Conversion from PFX to PEM with entering passwords manually

Example 2 (with providing passwords using parameters):

openssl pkcs12 -in keyStore.pfx -passin pass:xxxxxxxxxx -out keyStore.pem -passout pass:yyyyyyyyyy

Setting up encryption for ThinPrint Client Linux: with providing passwords using parameters

  • Set the following parameters of the ThinPrint Client (thnuclnt):

certfile = <path>/<file-name.pem>

certpw = <pem-password>

  • Add these parameters to the thnuclnt.conf file (example):


autoupdate = 15

automap = true

autoid = 0

updatecount = 1

editcount = 1

certfile = /etc/thnuclnt/keyStore.pem

certpw = yyyyyyyyyy

connector tcpip {

protocol = listen

interface =

setdefault = true



For more on this, see the Parameters section.

  • Restart the ThinPrint Client (thnuclnt) to enable encryption.

Note! On older Linux systems (e. g. SLES9 SP2), check whether the installed OpenSSL library supports SHA-2 signatures:

For information about the server-side encryption settings see the section Encryption of print data.


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