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High Availability GPO

Configuring HA

Under Administrative Templates→ ThinPrint→ ThinPrint High Availability, you have available the global High Availability (HA) settings. In the following table you can find, for each group policy, its counterpart in the MMC and/or the respective Registry value.

group policies for ThinPrint HA

Group policyCorresponding menu item and/or Registry value
Specify printer connection timeoutCancel connection attempt after (s)
[Registry value AddPrinterConnectionTimeout]
Remap printers automaticallyAutomatically remap printers
[Registry value AutoRemappingEnabled]
Select the log level for incoming client status changes[Registry value ClientEventlogMode]
Specify the threshold values that cause the print server to change it status[Registry value CriteriaClientsForChange]
Select the profile for the sensitivity to client status changes[Registry value CriteriaClientsForChangeMode]
Specify threshold value for failed statusThreshold for assigning failed status
[Registry value MaxAllowedFailedMappings]
Specify the time until the client status info is discarted[Registry value OldClientsMaxAgeInMinutes]
Specify the print server check interval[Registry value SpoolerCheckIntervallInSeconds]
Specify the spooler check timeout[Registry value SpoolerCheckTimeoutInSeconds]
Specify the TCP port of the “ThinPrint HA” service[Registry value TCPEndpoint]
defauflt TCP port is 4100

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