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Firmware versions

Find a list of the ThinPrint Hub's firmware versions below.

Firmware versionRelease dateUpdate file nameComments
1.0.51April 2016first official release version 1.0
1.0.54June 2016firmware-update-1.0.51-1.0.54.tgz• fix: following a disruption, the Hub’s ThinPrint Client didn’t automatically reconnect to the Connection Service
• extended logging
• update possible from firmware ver­sion 1.0.51
1.0.60October 2016firmware-update-1.0.51-1.0.60.tgz• fix: LPD printing failed with some printer drivers
• fix: In some cases, special docu­ments could not be printed at all, or pages were missing.
• updates possible both from firm­ware versions 1.0.51 and 1.0.54
1.1.27October 2016firmware-update-1.0.51-1.1.27.tgz• Personal Printing Client v1.0.52
(with NFC card reader on USB)
• new PowerShell cmdlets:
• logs can be sent to a syslog server
• firmware can be downloaded from:­date
• updates possible from firmware ver­sion 1.0.51 or later
1.1.28March 2017firmware-update-1.0.51-1.1.28.tgz• Personal Printing Client v1.0.54
• fix: After about three days of up-time, Hub didn’t read card IDs anymore if an ACS reader was used.
• fix: If sometimes LPD printing didn’t work, any printer setting had to be modified or a printer had to be added or removed to rewrite the thnu­clnt.conf file.
• updates possible from firmware ver­sion 1.0.51 or later
1.2.23July 2017firmware-update-1.0.51-1.2.23.tgz• SNMP monitoring for printers added
• SNMP monitoring for the Hub added
• support for IEEE 802.1x authentica­tion added for the Hub logging on to other devices
• fix: printing to Hub with Connection Service could be delayed for about 60 seconds
• updates possible from firmware ver­sion 1.0.51 or later
1.2.25October 2017firmware-update-1.0.51-1.2.25.tgz• updates possible from firmware ver­sion 1.0.51 or later
A direct update from firmware ver­sions 1.0.51–1.2.23 to firmware version 1.3 via file is not possible.
1.3.9October 2017firmware-update-1.2.25-1.3.9.tgz• new: Find Printers option for search­ing network printers
• fix: When setting up IEEE 802.1X authentication with PEAP for the first time, the configuration can not be saved.
• Firmware update is possible from version 1.2.25 to 1.3.9 only
1.3.11Decem­ber 2017firmware-update-1.2.25 - 1.3.11.tgz• fix: Hub randomly disconnects from Connection Service
• Firmware update is possible from 1.2.25 or later
1.4.21Febru­ary 2018firmware-update-1.2.25 - 1.4.21.tgz• new: printers found by the hub can be automatically added to the printer list
• Fix: module TPHubPS.Update.dll for updating versions 1.2.23 to 1.3.11 with PowerShell
• new PowerShell cmdlets:
• Firmware update is possible from 1.2.25 or  later
1.5.19June 2018firmware-update-1.2.25 - 1.5.19.tgz• new: Up to four type-1252 card readers can be connected.
• new: Server check button for Per­sonal Printing
• new PowerShell cmdlets:
• changed PowerShell cmdlets:
• Hub web server now supports only TLS 1.1 and 1.2
• Firmware update is possible from version 1.2.25 or later
1.6.4July 2018firmware-update-1.2.25 - 1.6.4.tgz• fix: huge print jobs got deleted when printer ran out of paper
• fix: security issues
• Hub web server now supports only TLS 1.2
• Firmware update is possible from version 1.2.25 or later
1.7.14December 2018firmware-update-1.2.25-1.7.14.tgz• fix: When the Hub was rebooted, in any case when disconnected from power supply, printers with their IDs – connected to USB – were sometimes assigned to different USB ports.
• PowerShell module TPHubPS.dll provided in Microsoft’s PowerShell Gallery
• update of ThinPrint Client Linux (thnuclnt)
• Firmware update is possible from version 1.2.25 or later
1.8.29July 2019firmware-update-1.2.25-1.8.29.tgz• support of Stratodesk NoTouch Center
• new PowerShell cmdlets:
• Firmware update is possible from version 1.2.25 or later
Please note that you can not directly update from 1.3.9 and 1.3.11 to 1.8.29. The firmware package 1.8.29 is somewhat bigger than other versions, and 1.3.x cannot handle files of that size. From 1.3.x, you must first update to 1.4.21, 1.5.19, 1.6.4 or 1.7.14. In a second step, you can update to 1.8.29 or later.
1.9.12September 2019firmware-update-1.2.25-1.9.12.tgz• new test und sync functions:
Hub→ Stratodesk Notouch Center
Hub→ ThinPrint Connection Service
• new PowerShell cmdlets:
• Hub Finder shows the firmware version per Hub
• Firmware update is possible from version 1.2.25 or later
1.10.34May 2020firmware-update-1.2.25-1.10.34.tgz• introduction of ezeep Hub: one firmware for both types of Hub: ezeep Hub and ThinPrint Hub
• Cloud Connect feature added: for reaching local printers (without own ezeep client) from ezeep for Azure cloud
1.11.8September 2020firmware-update-1.2.25-1.11.8.tgzUpdate for ThinPrint Hub and ezeep Hub but features relevant for ezeep Hub
• All printers the ezeep Hub finds are automatically reported to the ezeep Cloud.
• The ezeep Hub not only detects network printers automatically but also USB printers.
• Stratodesk NoTouch Center disabled for ezeep Hubs
1.13.27August 2021firmware-update-1.2.25-1.13.27.tgz• allows ezeep Blue customers to register (“claim”) their ezeep Hubs in the cloud and manage them via the ezeep Blue admin portal.
• bugfix: After a couple of hours, the reconnect in the Hub didn't work immediately.
1.16.98September 2022firmware-update-1.2.25-1.16.98.tgzOnly for ezeep Hubs:
• Pull Printing feature
• Cloud Management of Hubs
Only for ThinPrint Hubs:
• Personal Printing vs. Pull Printing: ThinPrint Hub can do Personal Printing as before (als Personal Printing Release Station). If your organization uses ezeep Blue, you can switch the Hub to use ezeep's Pull Printing (instead of Personal Printing).
• backend: Personal Printing uses TLS 1.2 now.
• Cloud Management: The feature is visible in the configuration UI but disabled (also after update and factory reset). Enabling this feature is only useful if your organization uses ezeep Blue as well, and if you like to manage the Hub from the ezeep Blue admin portal.
New PowerShell cmdlets:
Connect-TPHubEzeep alias Connect-Ezeep
Disconnect-TPHubEzeep alias Disconnect-Ezeep
1.16.118April 2023firmware-update-1.2.25-1.16.118.tgzVersion 1.16.118 is a bugfix release. We fixed the known issues from the previous version, so
• parallel remote configuration of more than one hub is now possible even if not all sessions are logged in
• logging out of one remote configuration session will not logout all other sessions
• the link to the Hub Finder and in the info are working again
• importing old config from 1.0.51 no longer leads to Personal Printing being enabled
• imported certificates no longer appear after being deleted
1.18.12July 2023firmware-update-1.10.33-1.18.12.tgzPossibility of addressing a proxy (server) to increase security in the company network
1.19.24November 2023

•  New PowerShell cmdlet:
•  Modified PowerShell cmdlets:
•  Microsoft’s PowerShell Gallery linked on the Hub login page (to download TPHubPS.dll)

Note! For Hubs with older firmware versions – e. g. with one of the beta ver­sions 1.• 0.13 or 1.0.31 – please use our free replacement service:

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