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Downloading and installing a firmware update

Downloading an update

Installing a firmware update

Downloading an update

ThinPrint Hub’s firmware updates can be found on the ThinPrint Clients & Tools downloads page under the heading Hub Firmware:

  • Compare the firmware versions there with that listed in the web console of the respective Hub.

Comparing the ThinPrint Hub version information

Note: As of firmware version 1.8, Hubs or Release Stations are automatically connected to the NoTouch Center when they can reach it. These newly registered Hubs are added to the Unassigned group, which does not yet overwrite their previous settings. See also Assigning Hubs or Release Stations.

Alternatively you can use:

Download firmware option in the ThinPrint Hub's web console

Installing a firmware update

A downloaded firmware update can be imported to the Hub – either

Note! Carry out a precautionary backup beforehand; see Backup and Restore or Export-TPHubBackup.
Note! After the update, the Hub automatically reboots the system. This could cause it to obtain a new IP address from the DHCP server. If the Hub is set to DHCP, download the Hub Finder before updating.

An overview of the firmware versions released so far can be found here.

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