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ThinPrint Client Linux scenarios

Scenario 1: with print server

Scenario 2: without print server

ThinPrint Client Linux for TCP/IP allows you to integrate Linux computers into your ThinPrint environment. With this client, all printers cre­ated using CUPS can be automatically mapped into the remote desktop session – that applies to locally created printers as well as network printers.

ThinPrint Client for Linux can be integrated into all Windows or Citrix environments (with or without a central print server).

ThinPrint Client Linux supports the following ThinPrint functions: 

  • ThinPrint print data compression, including bandwidth control
  • AutoConnect: All CUPS printers are automatically mapped into the session.
  • V-Layer
  • Encryption of print data
  • In Citrix print server environments: A Citrix Universal Print Server is not required.

Note! If you prefer a plug-and-play solution instead of configuring ThinPrint Client Linux, we recommend ThinPrint Hub.

Scenario 1: with print server

If a central print server is available, you can use Driver Free Printing in a remote desktop session. That means that no drivers (except for TP Output Gateway) need to be installed on the terminal servers or the virtual desk­tops. All native drivers are installed, but only on the central print server where Thin­Print Engine runs. In the session, the shared printers of the central print server are connected automatically by ThinPrint AutoConnect.

Print jobs are sent from the print server to the Linux computer over TCP/IP.

ThinPrint Client Linux: scenario with print server


Scenario 2: without print server

If no central print server is being used, simply install ThinPrint Engine on the terminal servers. In the session, all CUPS printers are created automatically by ThinPrint AutoConnect. In general, the universal PostScript driver TP Output Gateway PS is used for the session printers. This enables AutoConnect to transfer driver properties from the Linux computer to the session printers.

ThinPrint Client Linux: scenario without print server

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